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What a civilised drinking haunt!

What a civilised drinking haunt!

What do you like when you go out for drink? A vibrant bar with loud music which prevents you from talking? A bar which is rather dull and presided over by an equally dull barman? Or perhaps something in the middle – vibrant enough to be interesting and civilised enough to be able to enjoy your drink in comfort?

All Seasons Philipburn is the place for you. It would be wrong to term it “your standard local pub” – it is so very much more than that. Situated in a hotel as it is, Bar 1751 offers you comfort, pleasant surroundings, civilised behaviour and, of course, a superb range of drinks at realistic prices.

The bar at the Philipburn has undergone some subtle changes of late but the changes in overall ambiance, service and level of products are nothing less than stunning. Let us start with the drinks on offer. Recently the management decided to change brewery and opted to go with Heineken, a major supplier and not only of its own branded products, but many others as well. The cellar has been upgraded to a properly chilled cellar maintained at 12 degrees. This is the right temperature for cask conditioned ales. In the short term, 5 draught beers and 1 draught cider are now on offer using the Heineken special dispense system. This means that the drinks are delivered in tip top condition and really cold – just how you like them.

You will see traditional Heineken lager, John Smith’s beer, Beavertown Neck Oil, a pale ale, Guinness, Moretti and Inch’s cider. This is not a bad selection at all. There is a large range of gins and an even larger range of malt whiskies as well as some decent brandy. There is also an interesting wine list. Slowly this is being expanded so there is something for everyone, even some novel cocktails. All in all, this is a well stocked bar.

The bar itself is divided into four distinct areas so different levels of being public and private can be achieved. All of this is in a rather nice former stately home.

But the owners want this to be a bar for people to come and have a drink whenever they want. You do not have to have a meal, although you can. This is just the place to while away the time having drinks with your friends. You could also have a banter with the owner who is often to be found behind the bar.

There is a piano too, not some old honky tonk job, but a stylish modern Kawai which is regularly tuned. It can often be heard playing. Hey presto, we now have a piano bar as well.

The management have made it plain that if the locals want a late drinking haunt, they can have it. Legal closing is midnight Sunday to Wednesday and 1 am Thursday to Saturday. If there is no one in, they just close. How versatile is that?

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