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Memorial service and wake in the same location

Memorial service and wake in the same location

Beautiful location for a memorial service

One thing that we can say about the Philipburn is that it is in the most peaceful and tranquil of surroundings. Situated at the edge of the small town of Selkirk, there is no noise from traffic. Behind the hotel are rolling fields up the hillside towards the forest. The gardens are beautiful and, again, peaceful. They are a very suitable place for quiet reflections.

The Philipburn is a very versatile hotel. It boasts a very large function room which can be used for many different types of event. But what singles it out from other places is that it houses a 3 manual digital organ. This is the sort that you might find in a small cathedral. Indeed there was exactly the same organ in Arundel cathedral some years ago! Moreover it sounds very fine indeed in the Philipburn function room.

They have created a non-denominational chapel

So the function room can be turned into a chapel. Since it is not on consecrated ground, the chapel can represent any religious denomination. This makes it the perfect place to hold a memorial service in memory of a deceased. The chapel can hold some 250 people so there is room for a big congregation. The hotel also has its own resident organist who can be available to accompany your singing.

After the service, what better than a stroll for a short time in the gardens which are themselves a haven of peace and quiet. The sound is usually broken only by the birds and perhaps the sheep in the nearby fields.

Hotel experience in hosting wakes

The hotel is experienced in hosting funeral wakes. You can have a finger buffet and drinks at the bar and have time to reminisce with your friends and families. The beauty of having the wake and the service at the same location is that it cuts out what can be rather tedious travelling after the service to get to the wake. Often people are pressed for time and do not attend the wake. Being already on the premises, perhaps they will find the time to stay awhile.

Being a hotel, it means that mourners coming from a long distance can stay there overnight, again cutting out extra travelling.

Of course this might all sound a little unconventional. Indeed it is but that is because other venues do not have the same facilities.

For more information why not call reception and talk about how the hotel can host your memorial or funeral service. 01750-720747

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