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What a noisy lot!

What a noisy lot!

Wild bird song! We have a saying at the Philipburn “silence broken only by the sheep”. Well not any more! Just walking home last night I could not believe the volume and amount of the bird song. It was dark as well.

As we know the Scottish Borders are rich in all sorts of birds, both common and rare. It seemed like on this occasion that they had all decided to congregate in the hotel garden and have a concert. It was a sound to behold. I am sure an expert would have a great time identifying the different birds. Mind you with such a cachophony it might be something of a challenge.

So come and stay at the Philipburn and do your bird-song spotting without having to travel anywhere.

I will be taking particular note of this and seeing if it was a one-off or is a regular occurrence. Watch this space!

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